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10-Trays Elec/Gas Combi│HSO-10G1,HSO-10E1

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Product Detail Information
10-Trays Elec/Gas Combi│HSO-10G1,HSO-10E1

Model Name HSO-10G1,HSO-10E1
Type Gas
Dimensions W 901 x D 848 x H 1145 (mm)
Fan capacity 10 x 1/1 GN (10-Trays)
Weight Gas type:187kg, Elec Type:181kg
Distance between shelves 72mm
Water supply 15A
Drainage 32A
Gas connector
(Gas Type)
Gas consumption
(Gas Type)
LNG 22,000 kcal/h
LPG 1.80 kg/h
Electrical Species
(Gas Type)
190W, 1N 220V 50/60Hz
Electrical Power
(Elec Type)
Electrical Species
(Elec Type)
3N 380V 50/60Hz
The number of people
drinking water
Installing Table type
Washing Semi automatic washing(about 20 min)
Other companies’ fully automatic
washing devices take 90-120 min
Initial preheating time From room temperature (10~20℃ )
to 220℃ 8 min ±10 sec
Cooking mode and
temperature range
Convection, Combi-mild,
Combi-medium (30℃~300℃)
Steam (30℃~150℃)
Steam supply stages 4 stages
Steam spraying Injecting (direct spraying)
Cooking ability 1kg chicken up to 12


We care about your safety.
Costimo handles every detail for you.

  1. Gas pressure and water pressure sensor
    A sensor to detect gas pressure and water pressure that is employed to prevent abnormal operation

  2. Overheat safety device
    A number of safety devices attached for user safety

  3. Door opening safety device
    Design for user safety prevents danger even when the door is opened during use.

  4. PCB overheat safety device
    The front cooling system promotes the best operating environment.

  5. Fan motor overheat safety device
    Designed to prevent damage and loss caused by heat circulation fan overload

  6. Drain temperature safety device
    Eco-friendly design to control drain temperature and protect against microbes

  7. Automatic temperature control and automatic ignition and extinguishing system
    Automatic ignition and extinguishing enables a safe and consistent temperature